Misty Copeland and Joseph Gorak in
Romeo and Juliet.
Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.
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Presenting ABT
Main Company
ABT's Main Company is a touring component of approximately 120 people: 80 dancers, tech crew of 20, artistic staff of nine, music staff of eight and administrative staff of three. The Company performs evenings of mixed repertoire and full-length ballets to live orchestra. The Company is generally booked for a minimum of one week; however, under certain circumstances ABT will consider split-week engagements. The ABT repertoire ranges from the classics to modern masters.The repertoire available for tour is dictated by repertoire being performed that given season at the David H. Koch Theater and/or the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
ABT Studio Company
ABT Studio Company is a touring unit of 15 people: 12 dancers, one artistic staff, one stage manager and one company manager. ABT Studio Company tours in one-week increments that can consist of a variety of services ranging from in-theatre performances to in-school performances and lecture/demonstrations or any combination thereof. The repertoire of ABT Studio Company leans towards contemporary ballet with some excerpts of classical dance.
Young People's Ballet Workshops
ABT's Young People's Ballet Workshops are specially designed programs for young audiences. Company members perform colorful excerpts from ABT's repertoire. The educational commentary at the Young People's Ballet Workshop includes interesting information on the repertoire presented, as well as on dance technique, dance's cultural significance, the history of ballet and technical aspects of dance production. They are available as a residency activity when booking the Main Company.
Dance Scholars
Dance Scholars are available to come to your community to give lectures on dance. They can be done in tandem with tour dates in the form of pre-performance ABTalks, specially planned interviews and lectures that will provide fascinating insights and anecdotes designed to enhance every aspect of the ballet-going experience. They can also be arranged independently of ABT performance dates and be used as a vehicle to cultivate and educate your ballet audience.
Master Classes
Master Classes can be taught by company members and/or artistic staff during an ABT residency. Master Classes provide an invaluable learning opportunity for both dance professionals and beginning dance students, as well as anyone interested in polishing their technique. They can also be taught by engaging teaching artists through the Education Department.