Choreography by Kirk Peterson
Music by Philip Glass
Costumes by Kirk Peterson and Larae Hascall
Lighting design by Randall G. Chiarelli

TIMING: 35:00

Amazed in Burning Dreams received its American Ballet Theatre Company Premiere on October 31, 2001 at City Center, New York, danced by Herman Cornejo, Kristi Boone, Marcelo Gomes, Carmen Corella, David Hallberg, Jamar Goodman and Renata Pavam.

Amazed in Burning Dreams was given its World Premiere by the Pacific Northwest Ballet on November 16, 1993 at the Seattle Center Opera House, Seattle, Washington, danced by Rachel Greenwood, Louise Nadeau, Julie Tobiason, Brent Devi, Kevin Kaiser, Muriel Stewart and Ross Yearsley.

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