Choreography by Lar Lubovitch
Music by Chris Theofanidis
Scenery by John Arnone
Costumes by Ann Hould-Ward
Lighting by Brian MacDevitt

World Premiere: American Ballet Theatre, Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 5/20/03.

Original Cast: Julie Kent as Artemis and Marcelo Gomes as Aktaion

Timing: 25:00

Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has been given a secret glade in the forest created by Zeus, her father. He has commanded that no mortal may gaze upon her.

A hunting party roams the woods led by Aktaion, in search of deer. Aktaion wanders off alone and by chance comes upon the secret glade. The sight of Artemis transfixes him and she is drawn to him as well. Though she knows the mortal man must die for having seen her, instead she turns him into a deer in order to spare his life. She becomes enchanted with the beautiful creature and sets him free to run in the forest.

Aktaion, the deer, longs to be reunited with Artemis and searches endlessly for the secret glade, but instead encounters the hunters who shoot him with arrows.

Artemis reappears to find her beloved creature near death. She gathers him in her arms and carries him to the gods.

Based on a Greek myth, Artemis is Lar Lubovitch’s sixth work to be given its World Premiere by American Ballet Theatre. A work for 30 dancers, Artemis is set to a commissioned score.

Artemis was created in collaboration with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company.

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