Music by Denis Aplvor
Choreography by Alfred Rodrigues
Libretto by Denis Aplvor and Alfred Rodrigues based on Federico Garcia Lorca's play Bodas de Sangre

World Premiere: Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, 6/5/53
Scenery and costumes by Isabel Lambert
Original Cast: Elaine Fifield, Primin Trecu, Margaret Hill, David Poole, Doreen Tempest, Kenneth MacMillan, Sheilah O'Reilly
ABT Premiere: Ballet Theatre Previews, Phoenix Theatre, New York, 5/6/57
Cast: Nora Kaye (Bride), Erik Bruhn (Bridegroom), Lucia Chase (His Mother), John Kriza (Leonardo), Nadine Revene (Leonardo's Wife), Scott Douglas (The Moon), Jillana Williams (Death)

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