Frederic Chopin's Piano Concerto in F Minor

Music by Frederic Chopin (Piano Concerto in F Minor, arranged by Adolf Schmid)
Choreography by William Dollar (performed also as Constantia and Chopin Concerto)
Scenery and costumes by Robert Davison
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal

World Premiere: Ballet International, International Theatre, New York, 10/31/44
Scenery by Horace Armistead
Costumes by Grace Houston
Original Cast: Marie Jeanne, William Dollar, Yvonne Patterson
ABT Premiere: Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 4/9/51
Cast: Alicia Alonso, Igor Youskevitch, Norma Vance, Lillian Lanese, Paula Lloyd, Liane Plane, Dorothy Scott

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