Music by Gustav Mahler (Kindertotenlieder)
Choreography and libretto by Antony Tudor
Scenery and costumes by Nadia Benois
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal

World Premiere: Ballet Rambert, Duchess Theatre, London, 2/19/37
Decor by Raymond Sovey, after sketches by Nadia Benois
Designed by Raymond Sovey
Lighting by Feder
Original Cast: Peggy van Praagh, Maude Lloyd and Antony Tudor, Walter Gore, Agnes de Mille, Hugh Laing
ABT Premiere: The Center Theatre, New York, 1/24/40
Cast: Nina Stroganova (first song), Miriam Golden, Antony Tudor (second song), Hugh Laing (third song), Lucia Chase (fourth song), Dimitri Romanoff (fifth song)

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