(Imaginary Tango)

Choreography by Kirk Peterson
Music by J. Gade, Gary Chang and Astor Piazzola
Costume Design by Sandra Woodall
Lighting by Brad Fields
TIMING: 10:00

A ballet for eight dancers, The Howling Cat was given its World Premiere on May 2, 2001 by the Richmond Ballet at the Modlin Center for the Arts, Richmond, Virginia, danced by Anne Sidney Davenport, Tiffanie Smith, Kevin Bowles, Katherine Gansman, Bandon Becker, Lauren Main, Pedro Szalay and Phillip Skaggs.

Excerpts from The Howling Cat received their American Ballet Theatre Company Premiere on October 19, 2005 at City Center, New York, danced by Paloma Herrera, Jose Manuel Carreño, Jesus Pastor, Grant De Long and Luis Ribagorda. The excerpts were: Melpomene (The Black Widow), Something Like a Tango and Enragé.

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