Pas de Deux

Music by Antonin Dvorak ("Cypresses" for string quartet, together with other chamber music for strings)
Choreography by Antony Tudor
Assistant to Mr. Tudor: Airi Hynninen
Scenery by Ming Cho Lee
Costumes by Patricia Zipprodt
Lighting by Jennifer Tipton

Timing: 10:00

The Leaves Are Fading received its world premiere, performed by American Ballet Theatre, at the New York State Theater on July 17, 1975, danced by Marianna Tcherkassky, Amy Blaisdell, Nanette Glushak, Linda Kuchera, Kristine Elliott, Hilda Morales, Elizabeth Ashton, Christine O'Neal, Michael Owen, Raymond Serrano, Charles Ward, Richard Schafer, Clark Tippet, Gelsey Kirkland and Jonas Kage.

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