Music by Henry Purcell
Music arranged by Simon Sadoff (from Abdelazer, The Gordion Knot Untied, and the pavane from Pavane and Chaconne for Strings)
Choreography by Jose Limon
Libretto based on a theme of Shakespeare's Othello
Costumes by Pauline Lawrence, execution supervision by Charles Tomlinson

World Premiere: Palmer Auditorium, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, Second American Dance Festival, 8/17/49
Original Cast: Jose Limon, Lucas Hoving, Pauline Koner, Betty Jones
ABT Premiere: New York State Theater, New York, 6/27/70
Cast: Bruce Marks (The Moor), Royes Fernandez (His Friend), Sallie Wilson (His Friend's Wife), Toni Lander (The Moor's Wife)

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