A Dance in Three Acts

Choreography by Lar Lubovitch
Music by Elliot B. Goldenthal
Scenic Design by George Tsypin
Costumes by Ann Hould-Ward
Lighting by Pat Collins
Projections by Wendall K. Harrington
Assistant Choreographer: Ginger Thatcher
Additional Creative Assistants: Rebecca Rigert and Scott Rink

Act 1 - 30:00
Act 2 - 25:00
Act 3 - 25:00

Originating as a story in the Hecatommithi (Hundred Tales) of Giraldi Cintio published in Venice in 1566, the characters and basic plot were subsequently adapted by William Shakespeare into his play, The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice, around 1602.

Othello was given its World Premiere by American Ballet Theatre on May 23, 1997 at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, danced by Desmond Richardson (Othello), Sandra Brown (Desdemona), Parrish Maynard (Iago), Martha Butler (Emilia), and Keith Roberts (Cassio).

This production of Othello was co-produced with the San Francisco Ballet in collaboration with the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company.

Act I, Scene 1: The Cathedral San Marco in Venice;
Othello and Desdemona are wed.

Act I, Scene 2: A great hall in the Palace of the Doges;
Cassio leads the court in a tribute to Othello and Desdemona; Othello presents a gift to his bride; Iago waits and watches.

Act II: A seaport in Cyprus
On this stormy night, the port is filled with women anxiously awaiting the return of their men. Othello, now commander of the island fortress of Cyprus, has successfully led them in a battle at sea against enemies of the Venetian state. At Othello’s request, Cassio has remained in Cyprus as a guardian to Desdemona. In celebration of the ship’s safe return, a local woman (Bianca) begins a Tarantella. Desdemona loses her handkerchief. Iago weaves a web.

Act III, Scene 1:
Othello’s chambers

Act III, Scene 2: Desdemona’s bedroom

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