Music by Ludwig Minkus
Music orchestrated by John Lanchbery
Choreography by Natalia Makarova, after Marius Petipa
Sets and costumes by Jose Varona*
Lighting by Alex Nicholas, after the original by Robert Thomson*
*This production premiered 5/17/95

World Premiere: Theatre de l'Academie Royal de Musique, Paris, 4/1/1846
Music by Edward Deldevez
Choreography by Joseph Mazilier
Original Cast: Lucien Petipa, Carlotta Grisi
ABT Premiere: New York State Theater, New York, 7/6/71
Music by Ludwig Minkus, orchestrated by John Lanchbery
Choreography by Rudolf Nureyev, from original by Joseph Mazilier, as staged by Marius Petipa
Costumes by Freddy Wittop
Lighting by Nananne Porcher
Cast: Cynthia Gregory, Michael Denard, Karena Brock, Ellen Everett, Zhandra Rodriguez, Diana Weber, Gail Israel, Betty Chamberlain, Naomi Sorkin, Marianna Tcherkassky

Paquita, a ballet in two acts and three scenes, tells the story of Paquita, rescued from a massacre as a child by gypsies, who, years later, while travelling and dancing with the gypsy band, returns to her home in the Spanish valley town of Sargossa, and is subsequently reunited with her family. These divertissements, from Act II, Scene II, are performed at a ball at the home of the Comte d'Hervilly (Paquita's uncle).

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