(Romeo’s Farewell to Juliet)

Choreography by Antony Tudor
Staged by Kevin McKenzie
Music by Frederick Delius, Prelude to Irmelin
Costume Adaptation by Sylvia Taalsohn Nolan

TIMING: 6:00

Romeo and Juliet, a narrative ballet in one act by Antony Tudor was given its World Premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York on April 6, 1943. The ballet was performed as scheduled, though Tudor had not finished it; the complete production was presented four nights later.

The dancers were Hugh Laing (Romeo), Alicia Markova (Juliet), Nicholas Orloff (Mercutio), Jerome Robbins (Benvolio), Antony Tudor (Tybalt), Lucia Chase (Nurse to Juliet), Dimitri Romanoff (Friar Laurence), Sono Osato (Rosaline), Borislav Runanine (Montague), Miriam Golden (Lady Montague), John Taras (Capulet), Galina Razoumova (Lady Capulet) and Richard Reed (Paris).

The full one-act Romeo and Juliet was last performed in 1976 with Fernando Bujones as Romeo and Lynn Seymour as Juliet.

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