Music by Ernst Krenek (Symphonic Elegy for String Orchestra)
Choreography by Glen Tetley
Scenery and costumes by Rouben Ter-Arutunian
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal

World Premiere: Nederlands Dans Theater, Royal Theater, The Hague, scenery and costumes by Nicholas Wijnberg, 7/7/64
Original Cast: Willy de la Bye, Milly Gramberg, Ann Hyde, Tiny van Pel, Alexandra Radius, Han Ebbelaar, Richard Zelens, Jaap Flier, Gerard Lemaitre
ABT Premiere: New York State Theater, New York, 3/24/65
Cast: I. Sallie Wilson, Bruce Marks, Richard Zelens
II. Camille Crosby, Virginia Griffee, Marie Paquet, Barbara Remington, Rosanna Seravalli
III. Robert Holloway, Marcos Paredes, Paul Sutherland

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