The merciless battle between spirit and flesh

Music by Robert Ruggieri
Choreography by Ulysses Dove
Decor and costumes by Jorge Gallardo
Decor and costumes supervisor Robert Perdziola
Lighting by William H. Grant III

World Premiere: Civic Opera House, Chicago, 3/24/92
Original Cast: Prologue: Parrish Maynard (Narrator), Susan Jaffe,Christina Fagundes, Lucette Katerndahl, Ashley Tuttle, Robert Conn, Carld Jonassaint, Ethan Brown, Keith Roberts
First: Company
Demons of Light: Lucette Katerndahl, Ashley Tuttle, Christina Fagundes, Susan Jaffe
Angels of Darkness: Parrish Maynard, Robert Conn, Ethan Brown, Keith Roberts, Carld Jonassaint
Oasis: Susan Jaffe, Ethan Brown
Freedom: Company

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