Music by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Arranged by John Lanchbery
Choreography by Ben Stevenson
Assistant to the Choreographer: Hiller Huhn
Scenery and costumes by Desmond Heeley
Lighting by Duane Schuler

Act I. The Forest: Deep in the frozen forest lives Father Frost and his beautiful daughter, Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden. One day, Misgir, son of a nobleman, accompanied by his fiancée Coupava, comes to the very glade where they live. The Snow Maiden sees that a very special bond exists between Misgir and Coupava, a bond that she has never known. The Snow Maiden loves Father Frost and her friends in the forest, but she is now experiencing a different love; that of a man for a woman. Father Frost warns her that she must not befriend the humans, that only trouble can come from such a friendship. But her mind is set, and she decides to go in search of Misgir.

Act II. The Winter Festival in the Village: At the edge of the city, the townspeople are celebrating the winter festival. One of the young men discovers the Snow Maiden and asks her to join them. Everyone is captivated by her innocence. Coupava and Misgir arrive. The villagers are overjoyed as everyone knows that this is the eve of their wedding, and they are anxious to celebrate. The Snow Maiden approaches Misgir. Annoyed, Coupava leads him away. The crowd disperses. The Snow Maiden is left alone, happy that she has once again caught a glimpse of her beloved Misgir.

Act III. The Wedding in the Czar's Palace: The wedding of Coupava and Misgir is to take place in the czar's palace. The bride, groom, and their parents anxiously await the arrival of the Czar. The Snow Maiden, already weakened by the warmth of her love, enters looking for Misgir. He looks into her eyes, and he realizes she is deeply in love with him. Dazed by what has happened, Coupava and the wedding guests leave. Feeling the warmth of spring sunlight and the love in her heart, the Snow Maiden begins to melt away in the arms of Misgir.

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