Music by Gunther Schuller (Symphony for Brasses)
Choreography by Jose Limon
Scenery by Paul Trautvetter
Costumes by Charles Tomlinson
Lighting by Tharon Musser

World Premiere: Costumes by Pauline Laurence
Jose Limon and Company, Palmer Auditorium, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, Seventh American Dance Festival, 8/19/54
Original Cast: Lucas Hoving (The Leader), Jose Limon (The Traitor)
ABT Premiere: New York State Theater, New York, 6/30/70
Cast: Royes Fernandez (The Leader), Robert Brassel, William Carter, Robert Gladstein, Keith Lee, Dennis Nahat, Marcos Parades, Frank Smith, Vane Vest, (His Followers), Bruce Marks (The Traitor)

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