Music by William Schuman
Choreography by Antony Tudor
Libretto by Antony Tudor, based on a suggestion by John van Druten
Scenery and costumes by Raymond Breinin
Lighting by Jean Rosenthal

World Premiere: Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 4/10/45
Original Cast: Hugh Laing (Transgressor), Diana Adams (Cybele), John Kriza (Pollux), Shirley Eckl (Volupia), Lucia Chase (Polyhymnia), Alicia Alonso (Ate), Patricia Barker (Aganippe), Roszika Sabo (Nemesis), Cynthia Risely (Pudicitia), Janet Reed (Hera), Nana Gollner (Medusa), Dick Beard (Hymen), Regis Powers, Stanley Herbertt (Sileni), Michael Kidd, Fernando Alonso, Roy Tobias, Kenneth Davis (Satyrisci), Marjorie Tallchief, June Morris, Mildred Ferguson (Bacchantes)

The ballet concerns itself with the emotional development of a transgressor. The choreographic action depicts a series of related happenings, the psychological implications of which result in inevitable murder.
The mythological names of the characters are those of their archetypes, but the names could be those of inhabitants of any big city -- for these characters can be found there.

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