Choreography by Christian Holder
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, arranged and orchestrated by Judy Brown
Costumes by Christian Holder
Lighting by Clifton Taylor

TIMING: 35:00

The title comes from a Cole Porter song which was originally written for Fanny Brice in 1927.

The ballet concerns the emotional journey of a woman who has to make a decision between the reality of a secure life with her husband and her desire to recapture her past with her lover.

The following Cole Porter music is used for Weren’t We Fools?: C. P. Theme, *In the Still of the Night, *Do I Love You?, Looking at You/*Am I in Love?, Agua Sincopada, Song, If You Could Love Me, Rap Tap on Wood, *Weren’t We Fools?, I’ve Got You Under my Skin/*Weren’t We Fools?, It’s All Right With Me, Mind if I Make Love to You?, Weren’t We Fools? - Waltz, *After You, C. P. Theme/Fools Reprise.
*These selections were sung by Mezzo-Soprano Lynne Halliday.

C. P. Theme and Am I in Love? were given their World Premiere performances as they were discovered by the arranger/orchestrator Judy Brown. Brown first found the music for Am I in Love? (called by Cole Porter, Melody in F), and later found the lyrics. C. P. Theme is the only time Cole Porter specifically identified his songs with his initials.

Weren‚t We Fools?
was given its World Premiere by American Ballet
Theatre at City Center, New York on October 27, 2000, danced by Susan
Jaffe (The Woman), Lynne Halliday (Her Voice), Carlos Molina (Her
Husband, Ethan Stiefel (Her Former Lover) and Stella Abrera (His

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