Choreography by William Forsythe
Staged by Jill Johnson
Music by Luciano Berio (Duetti per due violini, vol. 1 1979-83)
Staging and lighting by William Forsythe
Costumes by Stephen Galloway
Lighting designed by Brad Fields
Original lighting design concieved by William Forsythe

Timing: 32:00

William Forsythe’s workwithinwork begins in the clear, textured air of an open stage, surrounded by the haunting breaths of Berio’s Duetti for two violins. Winding with a gorgeous, intricate grace through a series of jewel-like scenes, the dancers create an evolving, baroque body of time, which branches out in ever-increasing complexity as the piece moves, delicate, rolling toward it’s breathless end.

workwithinwork received its World Premiere by the Frankfurt Ballet on October 16, 1998.

workwithinwork was given its American Ballet Theatre Company Premiere at City Center, New York on October 24, 2003.

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