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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the cost of the teacher training sessions?
A: The cost of each session varies. Below is a breakdown of the cost for each session:
Training Session #1: Pre-Primary Level - Level 3: $1650 + $150 materials fee
Training Session #2: Level 4 & 5: $1500 + $50 materials fee
Training Session #3: Level 6,7 & Partnering: $1500 + $25 materials fee
The cost of completing the entire program, though a teacher could not complete the whole training in one summer, would be $4650 + $225 for materials.
Please note that candidates registering for both training sessions 2 & 3 together will receive a $100 tuition discount.

Q: Is housing provided?
A: No. Teachers are responsible for finding their own accommodations during the teacher training sessions. A housing resource list is provided by ABT to all participants.

Q: What can I expect during the certification exam?
A: The written section of the exam has multiple choice questions, true/false questions, matching questions, open-ended questions, and Health Guideline questions, and will be based on material covered during the training. There is also an oral exam which is given by an adjudicator with an observer in the room.

Q: What happens if I do not pass the exam?
A: Participants who do not pass are encouraged to continue to study the curriculum and repeat the training at their earliest convenience. There is a consecutive two-year time limit to repeat a teacher training session. The second time registering for that course, there is a $150 fee in place of tuition.  If the candidate does not pass the exam for a second time, they are no longer eligible to register for that course due to the level of proficiency required as an ABT Certified Teacher.  

Q: Can I become certified in all levels during one summer?
A: No. We feel it is important that teachers have a chance to work with the material for several months after completing Pre-Primary–Level 3. That way, the teacher returns with a working knowledge of the foundations of the curriculum, primed to train in the upper levels.

Q: Can I register to train for both Level 4–5 and Level 6-7 & Partnering?

A: Yes. Once a teacher has successfully passed the Pre-Primary-Level 3 training, it is possible to participate in the Level 4-5 training and the Level 6-7 trainings in successive weeks. Teachers will receive a $100 tuition discount if registering for both sessions in succession. Please note: Teachers must pass the Level 4-5 exam in order to continue on with Levels 6, 7 & Partnering.

Q: What benefits are there to becoming an ABT Certified Teacher?
A: ABT Certified Teachers are provided with the latest curriculum updates, listings of special opportunities, and networking connections with other teachers. They are able to use the ABT National Training Curriculum logo on their websites and in promotional material and to list their credentials in bios and programs. ABT Certified Teachers are listed on ABT’s own website and receive an official certificate listing their levels of certification. There is also an opportunity to become an ABT Affiliate Teacher.

Q: What should I bring/wear to the training?
A: We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Dance clothing is optional. Proper teaching attire and footwear are required for the oral portion of the certification exam.

Q: Is there an age requirement to attend the training?
A: Yes. While there is no maximum age limit, the minimum age for candidates applying for the teacher training intensive is at least 17 years old by the start of the first training session, with the further pre-requisite of having reached an advanced/professional level of dance training.

Q: Is the ABT National Training Curriculum incorporated into the training programs at ABT?
A: Yes. All of the training programs for dancers offered at ABT, including the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School and the ABT Summer Intensive Program, are utilizing the ABT National Training Curriculum.

Q: Is there a cost to maintain certification?

A: There is a $100 fee per calendar year to cover administrative costs, National Training Curriculum updates, NTC website maintenance and invitations to events exclusive to NTC Certified Teachers. This fee is waived for teachers that have already paid to attend a teacher training, a refresher course or presented students for Affiliate Exams during that year.

Q: I am a current or former ABT dancer. How can I become certified?
A: ABT Dancers and alumni are offered the opportunity to become an ABT Certified Teacher and attend the trainings on full scholarship. Alumni are welcome to attend the regularly scheduled trainings, but need to register.