Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

Photo: Erin Baiano.

Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

Photo: Erin Baiano.

Photo: Erin Baiano.

Photo: Erin Baiano.

Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

Photo: Rosalie O'Connor.

Photo: Erin Baiano.

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American Ballet Theatre
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School

Pre-Professional Division

“The American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School strives to produce superb dancers who have no technical limitations and are sensitive to different qualities of movement necessary to correctly execute the classical, neoclassical and contemporary vocabularies of dance; dancers who are strong, supple and dance without affectation.”
-Franco De Vita, Artistic Director, ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School (2005-2016)

The American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School is a pre-professional ballet training program for students, ages 12-18. Under the direction of newly appointed Artistic Director Cynthia Harvey, students thrive in an elite atmosphere dedicated to the success of each student. Admission is by audition only.

The curriculum of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (JKO) School is the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum, which combines scientific principles with elements from the classic French, Italian, and Russian schools of training. Consistent with the stylistic requirements of ABT, the ABT JKO School aims to provide dancers with a rich knowledge of classical technique and the ability to adapt to all styles and techniques of dance.

Classes include classical ballet technique, pointe, partnering, men’s class, character, modern technique, variations and Pilates. In addition, students participate in the JKO Wellness Lecture Series, designed to educate the ABT JKO School students on subjects facing aspiring professional dancers. Lecture topics include Nutrition, Women’s Health, Stress Management, Strength Training, and Resume Writing/ Career Preparation.

The ABT JKO School is also proud to announce our newly expanded Wellness Program as part of our Healthy Dancer Curriculum. This initiative focuses on addressing both the physical and psychological needs of our ballet students through a series of professionally run workshops and an Eating Disorder Prevention Screening Program.

Led by Cynthia Harvey, Artistic Director, the faculty of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School includes members of ABT’s Artistic Staff, ABT alumni and other prominent teachers. Learn more about our faculty by clicking on the links below.

Kevin McKenzie, ABT Artistic Director
Cynthia Harvey, Artistic Director, ABT JKO School
Rodica Bordeianu, Harriet Clark, Marianne Dello Joio, Olga Dvorovenko, Allison Eggers, Eleanor Hullihan, Adrienne Hurd, Mikhail Ilyin, Kate Lydon, Clarice Marshall, Francois Perron, Keith Sabado, Lupe Serrano, Martine van Hamel

Each class at the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School is accompanied by one of our accomplished pianists:

Michael Cherry, Stephanie Chun, Michael Dolnikov, John Epperson, Sofiya Leavsie, Masako Matsuo, Dmitry Polischuk, Mihoko Suzuki, Laura Tishchenko, Mira Tsidulko

Levels and Schedules:
The school follows a specific graded curriculum, divided by age, which is outlined in the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. Each level is designed to be sensitive to the developmental needs of the age group. Class size is limited. The ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School schedule is intended to accommodate the academic schedules of our students. The class schedules and levels are as follows:

Level 4/5 (ages 12-14)    

(2-hour ballet technique and 1-hour body conditioning)

(1-hour character and 2-hour ballet technique)

(1-hour modern and 90-minute ballet technique)

(90-minute ballet technique)

(2-hour ballet technique and 1-hour separate men's and women's classes)
Level 6 (ages 14-16)  

(2-hour ballet technique, 1 hour pointe class and 90-minute men's class)

(1-hour modern, 90-minute ballet technique and 1-hour pas de deux)

(2-hour ballet technique and 1-hour separate men's and women's classes)

(1-hour character dance, 2-hour ballet technique, and 1-hour Pilates)

(1-hour dance history and 2-hour ballet technique)
Level 7 (ages 16-18)  

(90-minute separate men's and women's ballet technique, 90-minute separate men's and women's variations/ pointe, and 1-hour dance history)

(2-hour technique, 1-hour pas de deux)

(2-hour ballet technique, 1-hour character dance, 1 hour men's strength training)

(2-hour ballet technique, 90-minute pas de deux, 1-hour Pilates)

(90-minute ballet technique, 1-hour separate men's and women's variations/ pointe, and 1-hour modern dance)

(90-minute ballet technique, 1-hour separate men's and women's variations/ pointe)

Tuition and Scholarships:
Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year will be as follows: $5,500 for students Level 4/5; $6,500 for students in Level 6; and $8,000 for students in Level 7. Scholarships are awarded based on merit only. There is no financial aid available.


Graduates of the ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School have gone on to dance with the following companies:

2015-2016 Alumni
Roma Catania – ABT Studio Company
Jessica Conniff – Houston Ballet II
Luigi Crispino – ABT Studio Company
Levi Durie – Ballet West II
Thomas Harrison – Boston Ballet II
Shaakir Muhammad – Houston Ballet II
Jonathan Philbert – Joffrey Ballet Trainee Program
Cameron Thomas – Kansas City Ballet II

2014-2015 Alumni
Elias Baseman – ABT Studio Company
Katie Buckmiller – Colorado Ballet II
Boris Andres Ceballos – Orlando Ballet II
Adelaide Clauss – Washington Ballet
Zimmi Coker – ABT Studio Company
Naazir Muhammad – Houston Ballet II
Angelica Tilton – Arizona Ballet
Remy Young – ABT Apprentice

2013-2014 Alumni
Nick Bullard – Houston Ballet II
Federico D’Ortenzi – Washington Ballet II
Isabel Deyo – Washington Ballet II
Rachelle di Stasio – ABT Apprentice
Connor Holloway – American Ballet Theatre
Mikaela Kelly – The Juilliard School
Rachel Kivlighan – Orlando Ballet II
Erica Lall – ABT Apprentice
Larkin Miller – Washington Ballet II
Eoin Robinson – The Juilliard School
Clara Superfine – Dutch National Ballet

2012-2013 Alumni
Hanna Bass – American Ballet Theatre
Lauren Bonfiglio – American Ballet Theatre
Juan Jose Caraz Arranz – Compañia Nacional de Danza, Spain
Katerina Eng – The Juilliard School
Camila Ferrera – Joffrey Ballet
Emily Hayes – American Ballet Theatre
Brian Larson – The Juilliard School
Carolyn Lippert – American Ballet Theatre
Tyler Maloney – American Ballet Theatre
Skyler Maxey-Wert – Semperoper Ballet; Dresden, Germany
Xavier Nuñez – Sarasota Ballet
Alexandra Pullen – Colorado Ballet
Raphael Spyker – American Ballet Theatre
Aaron Steinberg – Sarasota Ballet
Jun Xia – Hong Kong Ballet

2011-2012 Alumni
Claire Davison – American Ballet Theatre
Michaela DePrince – Het National Ballet
Catherine Hurlin – American Ballet Theatre
Pascal Knopp – American Ballet Theatre
Brooke Linford – Joffrey Ballet
Hannah Marshall – American Ballet Theatre
Kaho Ogawa – American Ballet Theatre
Connor Redpath – Lithuania National Ballet
Gabe Stone Shayer – American Ballet Theatre
Sem Sjouke – Het National Ballet
Kyle Torres-Hiyoshi – Sarasota Ballet
Lily Wisdom – American Ballet Theatre
Zhiyao Zhang – American Ballet Theatre

2010-2011 Alumni
Amanda De Oliveira – ABT Studio Company
Fernando Duarte – Joffrey Ballet
Beau Fisher – Boston Ballet II
Maximilian Isaacson – Orlando Ballet
Gabrielle Johnson – Houston Ballet
Lindsay Karchin – Stuttgart Ballet
Shu Kinouchi – Houston Ballet
Lucius Kirst – Pittsburgh Ballet
Alex Kramer – Ballet San Jose
Gina-Marie Leathem – National Ballet of Romania
Brianna Steinfeldt – ABT Studio Company
Alison Stroming – Dance Theatre of Harlem
Cassandra Trenary – American Ballet Theatre
Paulina Waski – American Ballet Theatre

2009-2010 Alumni
James Applewhite – Dance Theatre of Harlem
Sterling Baca – American Ballet Theatre
Andrea Maria Battaggia – Alberta Ballet
Alisha Brach – LA Ballet
Adji Cissoko – Alonzo King LINES Ballet
Thibaut Eiferman – Ballet British Columbia, Canada
Daphne Fernberger – Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, Germany
Melissa Gelfin – Cincinnati Ballet
Garrett Groat – Alberta Ballet
Nayara Macedo Lopes – Dance Theatre of Harlem
Jhonatan Mendez – Ballet Grand Diva
Elise Miller – Tulsa Ballet
Cece Montgomery – Colorado Ballet
Lamin Pereira dos Santos – Oklahoma City Ballet
Erika Silverman – Colorado Ballet II
Aaron Smyth – Joffrey Ballet
Jorge Andres Villarini – Dance Theatre of Harlem
Jinho Won – Orlando Ballet

2008-2009 Alumni
Kathryn Boren – American Ballet Theatre
Skylar Brandt – American Ballet Theatre
Brittany DeGrofft – American Ballet Theatre
Austin Finley – BalletMet Columbus
Jennifer Florquin – Leipzig Ballet, Germany
Melisa Garat – Orlando Ballet II
Colby Parsons – Alberta Ballet
Alberto Rodriguez Velasquez – Joffrey Ballet
Miki Wakuta – Ballet San Jose
Michal Wozniak - Arizona Ballet

2007-2008 Alumni
April Giangeruso – American Ballet Theatre
Jaime Hickey – Ballet West
Meaghan Hinkis – The Royal Ballet, London
Angela Kenny – Texas Ballet Theater
Jonnathan Ramirez – Tulsa Ballet
Calvin Royal III – American Ballet Theatre
Andrea Thompson – Hubbard Street II

2006-2007 Alumni
Tom Bieszka – Semperoper Ballet, Dresden, Germany
Dusty Button – Boston Ballet
Andrew Daly– Pennsylvania Ballet
Tyler Galster – Lyon Opera Ballet, France
Ty Gurfein – Staatsballet, Berlin, Germany
Caitlin Kirschenbaum – Indiana University
Saige Miller – Sarasota Ballet
Lauren Richter – Prague State Opera Ballet
Mara Thompson de la Rosa – ABT II
Demian Vargas – Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse, France
Katherine Williams – American Ballet Theatre

2005-2006 Alumni

Alexandra Basmagy – American Ballet Theatre
Kara Brosky – Richmond Ballet
Lara Clemens – Pennsylvania Ballet II
Sarah Hay – Semperoper Ballet, Dresden, Germany
Davidson Jacanello – Alberta Ballet
Edward Persondek – Sarasota Ballet
Anthony Pina – Compañia Nacional De Danza, Spain
Devon Teuscher – American Ballet Theatre
Elizabeth Walker – LA Ballet
Faye Hideko Warren – ABT II

2004-2005 Alumni
Elizabeth Aymong – Alabama Ballet
Andrew Brader – LA Ballet
Katrina Dalton – BalletMet Columbus
Alexander Dutko – Miami City Ballet
Corey Landolt – Washington Ballet
Adam Rogers – Kansas City Ballet
Michaeljon Slinger – The Juilliard School
Evan Teitelbaum – The Juilliard School

2004 Alumni
Nicole Graniero – The Washington Ballet
Steven Melendez – Theatre Vanemuine, Tartu, Estonia
Eric Tamm – American Ballet Theatre


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