Isabella Boylston and James Whiteside in Romeo and Juliet.
Photo: Gene Schiavone.

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Reviews & Quotes
Over the years, American Ballet Theatre has garnered numerous rave reviews from the press for the elegance and spectacle of its unforgettable performances. Below are a small sampling of some of the critical accolades ABT has received, both for the Company and for the ballets in its current Met season repertoire.

"Once in a not too frequent while, there comes along an evening that reminds you why you're in the theatre in the first place, and why dance is not a luxury or a frill but a necessity of life. Such an evening was American Ballet Theatre."
--The Washington Post
“One of the most beautiful sights in dance is American Ballet Theatre in full flight.”
--Clive Barnes, New York Post

“American Ballet Theatre and Kevin McKenzie’s success is a victory for American dance and their happy influence on our cultural landscape only grows with each season.”
--San Francisco Chronicle

“ABT has become a company that doesn’t revolve around one star couple, but in fact integrates a whole passel of highly skilled principal dancers with distinct styles and personalities that Artistic Director Kevin McKenzie can mix and match to great effect.”
--Karen Campbell, Boston Herald


"Choreographic fireworks!"

“ABT’S Don Quixote blazes!”


"...breathtaking dancing and impassioned acting...made it a memorable and exciting evening."
--Financial Times

"Manon is a crowd pleaser! A splendid vehicle for the virtuosic display of its trio of stars!"
--New York Post

"Superb! Manon is a spectacular costume drama with panoramic scope! A winner!"
--The New York Times


"To see American Ballet Theatre at its best is to see it in Giselle. This production glows with dramatic life and finely nuanced acting that illuminates ABT's virtuoso dancing!"
-- The New York Times

“Though it is more than 150 years old, the two-act Romantic ballet Giselle can still entrance… Giselle remains a stunner, with showy choreography and a mythical story.”
--Houston Chronicle


"...the most moving moment comes courtesy of these luminous Shades who sing with their bodies and show how impossibly transcendent ballet can be."
--The New York Times

"La Bayadère is simply smashing! A supreme artistic achievement! A ballet miracle!"
--New York Post


"The Dream is an unalloyed masterpiece of poetic drama, achieving its climax in a pas de deux for Oberon and Titania that is as marvelous a duet as any ever made."
--The New York Times

“This ballet is totally alive with both Shakespeare's poetry and his earthy, timeless human comedy, all magically enmeshed in a gossamer web of choreography shimmering like moonlight on dewdrops."
--New York Post


“[ABT’s Swan Lake]... Glides to the forefront of stagings all over the world. The fabled lake of the swans has risen into view, inspiring awe for its mystery and magic.”
--The Wall Street Journal

“This Swan Lake is a blockbuster production. With sets and costumes that evoke a rich Renaissance court at a lakeside castle, its sheer opera-house spectacle is a hit.”
--The New York Times


"This Coppélia is the kind of ballet that you leave thinking: Ain't life grand?"
--The New York Sun

"The production is like a burst of warm summer sunshine."
--The New York Times